Version 0.10 Patch Notes!

Version .010 Patch Notes

- New unit: Bee! Has Shirley Temple and Dance With Somebody. Picking up Shirley Temple swaps places with Bee.
- New Chips graphic (and small chips graphic)
- Levels 4 and 5 should now work again
- Increased turn count for most levels
- Sunglasses now give 1 point as long as you're adjacent to any wall
- Steve's "Eat Snacks" now eats everything ON YOUR ROW for 6 points each (down from 8)
- Snake now has a new power: KISS which gives 2 points and fills all cooldowns of a single unit!
- Blake buff: now can move 6 tiles distance max
- Levels 2-5 now start you with a specific unit that isn't a pawn.
- Removed "Hungry" status - Chips now worth 5 again, but after ~14 turns or so turn into small chips worth 3, and 3 turns after that, they disappear.
- Fixed a bug where the levels weren't loading.

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