Version 0.16 Patch Notes

Version 0.16 Patch Notes - A big one! Gonna go ahead and say the game is fun now

- Two new buildings: SNACK BAR and FRIDGE.
- Pawns now move on their own (you can diagonal move them to a resource, though)
- Pawns have 1 ability: Work It! which allows them to work one of the 3 buildings
- Worked Snack Bars create chips on the left
- Worked Fridges create sodas on the right
- Worked Karaoke Machines increase pawn spawn rate AND give +2 happiness to each unit in the music
- New unit, a regular Rook
- Some units you can only spawn ONE of like Sephi and Bee
- Huge rebalance to units and stuff
- Graphical upgrades
- Bug fixes

- Still TODO: When a pawn reaches the back line it should just "light up" and be clickable for an upgrade. Right now if 2 pawns hit the back at the same time you'll miss one of their upgrades.

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