Version 0.11 Patch Notes!

Chess Mix Version 0.11 Patch Notes

Might be a good idea to click the pizza on the title screen when you first start, just to be safe.)

- Major feature: "Playlist" added to the game. On the overmap you can now choose 3 songs to play during the mission. Different songs have different lengths (in turns) and volume (which affects how many tiles have music on them). Later, they will also have other special effects (currently only the first song "Rhuhbharhb" has a power - it gives players points when it comes on). By default only this one song is unlocked and you'll have to pick it three times.
- Three new BACKGROUNDS, one for the first, second and third song, helping players know how much time they have left to party
- New songs *should* unlock when you get enough stars.
- New button on the title screen allows you to unlock all songs for testing.
- Eat Snacks now eats all snacks on its row
- Numerous bugs fixed and other small balance changes

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