Version .24 is pretty AWESOME!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to make a quick post to say that as of this latest version, the game is in a pretty darn good state! I had a couple recently playtests where I didn't want to change much beyond just minor tweaks. I'm feeling really good about it too, we have made so many quality of life changes, and I'm really liking how the game is looking.

I'm waiting now on the one piece of art for the game that's by someone other than me, and that'll be the cover/box art, by Blake Reynolds (who is currently also finishing work on Killer Queen Black - go check that out, it's coming out on Switch soon). Anyway, if you've been waiting to do Print and Play, now's the time I think!

Thanks everyone and stay tuned for more news VERY SOON!


Aug 21, 2019

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