Version 41 - major rebalance and tweaks!

This is a big one! Looking really forward to trying this out myself!

- New win conditions: either bump an opponent on an end tile that's close to the dragon OR MOVE when you're on an end tile far from the dragon.
- Green Gems now only move, not bump, and can't trigger the win condition.
- Huge rebalance to the amount of orbs and the numbers on existing cards. Refer to this Google Spreadsheet for the complete changes, but the short answer is that BUMPS bump farther, MOVE moves not as far, and BUMP cards give more Dragon Orbs overall.
- Several new Dragon Powers
- Second Fireball card removed.
- New Action Card: Flame Arrow - 4 Bump, 2 Dragon Orbs.
- All base characters powers cleaned up and improved
- Rulebook massive update and cleanup, with new icons and FAQ.

Thanks for reading!!!


Dragon Bridge 41.pdf 4 MB
Sep 19, 2019

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