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This game is pretty cool, got some real cool ideas. I do frequently encounter a bug on my phone where I suddenly can no longer select a piece and other units can move onto its square. But that's the only bug I've encountered I believe. 

Game does feel unpolished but I think it's still in beta. I hope this game gets more updates it is really fun! 

I ran into that bug as well, in the first ten minutes or so. Otherwise a fun game. 

I will make at least one more patch, possibly more, to fix bugs!! Coming soon!

Very cute! Love the aesthetic. Thanks for a nice little distraction. 

My laptop screen resolution is 1366x768. In-game buttons get hidden due to my bottom pannel. How to play the game in full screen?

I feel like it should say "touch" or "tap" instead of "click on" for the mobile version, no?

Yeah, that makes sense!

Big fan of the general idea here with non-violent chess strategy and units with a couple abilities each. But feels a little bit too cheesy/naiive at times (as opposed to happy snake stuff which feels more sincerely cute), and also too much short-term tactics... I would like it if there were less pickups, longer cooldowns, and more emphasis on getting pawns across or other long-term goals. Maybe fewer abilities for the first few levels, too? Level 1 shouldn't have me flooding the board with chips and sodas and scrambling to micro-manage four abilities! Perhaps give pawns a single ability? (You do say they are "simple".)

I love the timer mechanic, except I'm not able to see more than a sliver of the clock! I want to know what things take up time, and how much time I have left!

-Jeremy, from my developer account

Also: The music is nice, and I like getting to choose a playlist. Though I'm unsure whether I like mixing the music and strategic stuff. Perhaps have a hard mode that takes out those special abilities, for those who want music/gameplay segregation and fewer pre-game options? Though it is a cool mechanic, and it's neat how the music can remind you what strategic phase of the game you're on.

Thanks for playing, Playcebo! Yeah, a lot of that stuff is stuff I'm shooting for. At some point in the next 2-3 months I hope I get get it there.

Cute and stupid game!  So can each piece only be moved x times?  I've had a few games where a piece could no longer be moved without any clear messaging as to why this occured.

Huh. That sounds like a bug actually! You can move units as many times as you want! Thanks for playing - gimme more feedback if you have any!

I only hope there are MORE units and twists added!  If it happens again I'll try to give you any relevant info.  

A potential clue, at least one  of the times it happened, when highlighting the stuck unit, I was getting the unit info of another unit somewhere else on the board.

Can multiple units share the same space?

Multiple units should not be able to share the same space, no. I'll look into that other bug.

I encountered this problem just now too. I could suddenly no longer be able to select my starting knight in the fourth-or-so level after some time hopping around.

Oops, sorry about that.