Version 1.1, Linux Version, and no-longer-early access!!

Hey Itch! There were a few quality of life improvements I wanted to get in there ASAP after the launch so that people could really enjoy the game. I think this patch adds a lot in terms of the new late-game, high power items, the liches spawning to the other sides of the map, and being able to hit "Play Again". Also, it was gonna take you FOREVER to level up in Quick Play before. That's fixed. Enjoy!

Version 1.1
- Liches now teleport to another lane randomly upon spawning, watch out!
- Quick Play was only giving 10 crystals per match. Now gives the same amount as Play Mode.
- The incorrect mode was showing up top left during play. This has been fixed
- The game now behaves correctly upon hitting "Play Again" after winning or losing a match
- Nerf to the Staff (250=>200 damage per charge)
- Axes cost more and deal more damage. 2000=>2300 cost, 30=>40 damage.
- Bracelets were not randomly generating before
- New item: Pitchfork. Very expensive high-magic damage item that also gives 15 of every other stat as well.
- Daggers buffed (4=>6 damage)

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Nov 05, 2018

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